Balloon Artist

Starts at $250 per hour depending on location and weekday. Parties, Banquets, Fairs, and festivals. Big event? We have a NO LINE System which allows guests to have more fun. Other artist can be booked at market value

Magic Packages

All shows feature Mark Byrne, Master Magician and Renown Balloon Artist.  He is an award-winning, world-class entertainer that performs for audiences in China, Australia, Europe, and all over the United States.   Mark lives in Tampa Bay and loves to do shows when he is home from the road.  Availability is limited, so please book in advance.  
Suitcase Magic Show:
Starts at $250 depending on location and weekday
This is a 20-25 minute sleight of hand show that has the audience asking “How did he do that?” from beginning to end.   No backdrop, or music so the audience is exclusively focused on the magic.   Absolutely mesmerizing to see.
Big Magic Show!: 
Starts at $500 depending on location and day of the week. Complete with a theater backdrop, music, and audience participation this 30-40 minute show is perfectly paced to keep the awe factor rising.  The show features a finale your guests will talk about for years as magical creatures come to life in fun and mind-bending ways.  30 Seconds of what this show looks like
REALLY Big Magic Show!!
Starts at $700 depending on location and day of the week.
This is Mark’s flagship show.  Your designated space is transformed into a theater complete with a velvet backdrop and music that sets the stage for the wonder of magic.  This 45-55 minute show amazes from start to finish with a memorable finale involving Mark being swallowed whole by one his balloons.  Shows can be tailored for families, adults, and corporate events.   To see Mark in action, only one minute visit
The Strolling Magician/Close-up Experience: 
Starts at $250 depending on location and day of the week.
 For larger parties or loose crowds we offer Strolling Magic. It can be added to a show for a Pre-show or Post Show Fun. This is a mobile show that takes up the space of one extra guest… a Master Magician. Entertainment Specialists mingles and performs through your party gathering small groups together to give them an intimate one on one. To see Mark in action, visit
Mark networks with some of the best magicians in the world. We can provide 1 to 100 magicians for your party or event. We have provided entertainment for Gaylord Palms, Harley Davidson, Disney, Bush Gardens, Apple Computer, Tech Data and many many more. We travel too!! having done shows in Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle, NYC and abroad in Shanghai, London, Sydney. Worldwide we got your back.

Party Decor

ARCHES & COLUMNS Standard arches 20-40 foot $10 per foot up to 4 colorsStandard Columns 8-12ft $10 per foot up to 4 colors




Organic prices:
  1. Light organic- 3-4 colors 2-3 sizes (5″,10″, 15″)    $30 per foot $300 minimum
  2. Medium organic – 3-6 colors with metallic balloons. 3-5 sizes (5″,10″, 15″, 20″, 30″) $60 per foot $600 minimum
  3. Heavy organic – 3-6 colors with metallic balloons, 3-6 sizes (5″,10″, 15″, 20″, 30″ 40″) Live or artificial greenery, Flowers, lights $90 per foot $900 minimum
Organic Styles: 
  1. Garland – string of balloons draped over or around a structure. Curtain, banner, Wall.
  2. Demi Arch- Free standing half arch unique shape on a heavy base.
  3. Arch- 2 points arc usually a doorway or as a background on a heavy base.


Sarina The Mermaid is a regular at the 5-star resort, The SandPearl. Sarina arrives by portable seashell throne and interacts with guests on dry land or in the water.

The best reactions from children are. “you are a real mermaid!”

She does a story time, hands out a gift to guests of a colorful magical jewel, Poses with guests and swims and plays with children.

For birthdays the birthday child gets a seashell necklace crafted by Sarina herself.

For her safety Sarina does have a mermaid Security person (total 2 people at a show) to help her get around dry land and in an out of pools.

$200 per hour(Costumed pirate handler 

Pirate Parties


The cleanest pirate ever!
For the interactive outdoor bubble party, a crew is gathered of bubbleers and swashbubblers. Bubbleers make bubbles and swashbubblers pop the bubbles with inflatable swords. 
Captain Max makes special bubbles too. Giant air whale bubbles up to 20 ft long. Cascade of hundreds of bubbles with his special tools. He can even create smoke-filled bubbles and fireball bubbles too. 
$300 per hour
(over 25 kids add an extra pirate to keep them in line $100)


Best Facepainting Artists

Starts at $200 per hour depending on location and weekday.

Parties, Banquets, Fairs, and festivals. Big event? We have a NO LINE System which allows guests to have more fun.

Other artist can be booked at market value 

Musical Telegrams

Surprise guest appearance one of many characters,
2-3 songs sung or acted out totally embarrassing and fun for all.
$150 within Pinellas call for travel price outside Pinellas. Add a balloon display  for $50 more.

Señor’ Twinkletoes

Male Ballerina with a trench coat

Pink or Black Gorilla Tutu optional

Giant Emoji

Inflatable Sloth

Holiday Elf

Trade Shows

Make you the star of your next tradeshow! Custom magic presentation, balloon decor, a talented balloon artist, or an amazing balloon dress to make people stop and talk.  
Don’t be that table.. 2 guys, a banner, and a bowl of mint. It is way more important than that.