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How to Book an event in ten easy steps

1. Look over the website for PRICES. They are here for a reason. 

2. Pick a program you like and can afford. We don’t barter or discount. The price is the price. Would you want to go to work for less money? Our prices are fair and in market value.

3. Fill this FORM completely. We work every where, City and State is important too.

4. First contact is thru TEXT. PLEASE no landlines. I use text for clarity and most people have their cell handy with them.

5. IF you need to talk to me. Text me I’ll call you. Too many SPAM calls. Text me best time to call too. I know everyone time is precious.

6. Once I receive your booking form and we have texted or talked I will Email you a contract. It will have a link and an invoice.

7. Click link to sign online, make a payment. 50% is required and non refundable. Most pay in full. A payment needs to be in place to be on our calendar.

8. We send a text the week of the event confirming, please respond. See why I want your cell number?

9. Have space ready for us to work. Guest should arrive 30 minutes before talent. (Unless previously arranged) We don’t need to watch you hug each other. Parking space close would be awesome.

10. Relax and Enjoy your party. WE will take the heat off of you. It’s your day. Have Fun!