Strolling Magic


Definition: A branch of close-up magic where the magician roams a room or at an event and performs for groups of spectators. Strolling magic is also known as walkaround magic.

See Also: Mingle Magic, Street Magic, Or “WOW!!! did you really #@%!! do that?”

When Hiring a Strolling entertainer you want someone with experience... Not uncle Bob’s card tricks. Your performer  should do more than card tricks.... A lot more!!

Funny, charming, well dress, self contained, able to work a casual pool party or a Black Tie event. Bend the laws of physics, gravity, and read your mind and leave your guests with a sense of wonder...

A great entertainer gages his time to work the whole room, is respectful of people’s personal space yet doesn’t stand in the corner like a wall flower. Great entertainers make the party they don’t just show up.

Mark works with great entertainers all the time. He can bring out 1 or 100 of the best magicians in the world, he knows them. As the program coordinator for the Tampa Bay Magic Club for over 10 years, Mark has had the honor of booking unbelievable talent to show case for the club. Mark also has won awards at many conventions both locally and internationally.

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Paul Daniels

England’s Most Famous Magician

Matt Giger NBA Super Star

Penn Gillette

1/2 of the Penn & Teller

Alexa Vega “Spy Kids”

& Sean Covel Producer of

Napoleon Dynamite

Solomon Trimble

Star of Twilight