Blew out of the BOX!


Looking for something different to spice up that BORING meeting or conference? Look no further...

BLEW out of the BOX is a complete creativity workshop brought right to your facility, meeting room or convention center. Amazing Corporate Fun!!

BLEW out of the BOX is NOT:

  1. Cookie Cutter Presentation

  2. Boring

BLEW out of the BOX is:

  1. Fun interactive

  2. Inspirational

  3. Hands on

  4. Engages the right side of the brain after endless seminar attacking the left brain.

BLEW out of the BOX:

  1. Includes all materials

  2. Dynamic world traveled speaker

  3. Hands on Activities

  4. Inspirational and Awesome slideshow of possibilities and unbelievability.

CALL to set up your custom presentation.

Great for Break out sessions and Team Building.

(727) 742-6713